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With over 15 years of credit counseling experience, we are well equipped with the tools that are necessary to evaluate an individual’s current financial dilemma, and provide education on how they can begin their journey to debt free living.

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Disclosure: We are a nonprofit credit counseling agency, we do not charge upfront fees. Any fees associated for telephone counseling are based on state and government poverty guidelines.

Our Mission

Solid Ground Help’s mission is to empower others through financial literacy, and to provide information on how to take advantage of debt resolution options that are available to them through credit counseling. Giving consumers the opportunity to release themselves from the burden of unwanted debt can not only strengthen credit worthiness, it can also save lives.

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Telephone Counseling

We will perform a live detailed budget analyst with the client. This process will allow us to determine the clients true hardship and debt to income ratio. In addition to a free soft credit pull and credit review with the client.

Financial Literacy

ln a world where Financial literacy is not common we Provide detailed information to consumers in need.

Credit Coaching

Understanding debt is critical to living a debt free life. The vast majority of consumers become victims to the debt cycle. We believe in empowering individuals with our credit counseling program, which will protect consumers from falling victim to unwanted debt.